An Island View of a Long Gone Day

by Thomas Ryan “You’re like an island,” one of my older Latino cousins said to me during a long discussion in my first apartment. It was […]

Altering Paradigms

by Kenneth M. Smith We’re a few years out of the lockdown of the pandemic. A new school year is underway, but something still feels awry […]

Embracing the Calling: Black Male Educators’ Impact and Responsibility

by James O’Neal Recently, I attended the "Black Men in Education" forum in Charlotte, North Carolina, and it was an eye-opening experience. The panel discussions shed […]

STOP Doing or Saying These Things to Students of Color Right Now!

by David Spellmon Disclaimer: To be fair, I’m sure at some points in our careers as educators, we all have been guilty of one or more […]

The Understanding Gap

by Rodrigo Godinez We always talk about a learning gap, an achievement gap, or whatever you want to call it. How was this gap created? Is […]

Equity, Not Excuses

By Phillip Yarborough   Equity has become one of the trendier words in education. Other terms like “equity groups” and “affinity groups” have also become part […]

Taking a Second Look Closer to Home: Community College is a Fine Next Step

By Jose Medrano   As I think back on my college exploration opportunities, I now realize how little research and support I had. My school counselors […]

Everyday Work: Anti Racism and Teaching

When the Milwaukee Bucks, a NBA playoff team, refused to take the court after the Jacob Blake shooting in August, that act of solidarity elicited responses […]

Calling all my White Allies!

Eight minutes…forty-six seconds. Once again the life of a black man has been taken and the world views the last breath that this father, son, and […]

Put your own Oxygen Mask on First: How tapping into SEL can help you to help others.

I needed to get myself together. I’ve always considered myself to be productive, efficient, and constantly seeking to achieve at high levels in new spaces. However, […]

Emerging from a First Gen College Student to a First Rate Professional

I thought that the struggle of a First Generation Student would end the minute I graduated from college. It was hard enough sitting in classrooms where […]

Culturally Responsive Recruiting Requires Woke and WORK. Are you ready?

The data, the research, the demographics are all staggering and compelling. But none more so than the actual experiences of teachers of color as they are sought […]

Room 229: Intro to Trauma Sensitive Pedagogy

David (name has been changed) started running. Fast. He ran down the hall, down the stairs and stopped at the exit door. He paused, looked at the […]

Do you have an Equity Mindset?

As educators, we approach every school year with the desire to be our very best. When thinking of our profession, we understand that it is never […]

Creating a “Farm” System for Teachers of Color: Grow Your Own Program

Research has shown that a concerted effort to recruit teachers of color has been difficult nationwide (D’amico, Pawlewicz, Earley, & McGeehan, 2017). Some studies suggest that Black […]

Side by Side: The Power of Reading & Relationships for Latino Boys

In a hushed tone, I heard “Mr. Ryan, can I read this book again?” The junior from Montgomery Blair high school showed me a white hardcover […]

Pushed over The Edge: Maintaining One’s Motivation in the Craft of Teaching

I’ve been in the classroom for 20 plus years and for much of that time I’ve been drowning in a sea of safety, comfort and familiarity. […]

Back to the Fold: Re-engaging our most marginalized students

Back to the Fold: Re-engaging our most marginalized students with culturally responsive and universally designed instruction. “Mr. Culver, we like your class. You respect us. There’s […]

Boss’d Up! Leading a Brotherhood of Super Stars

A great education gives our youth the opportunity to achieve goals that can only be imagined. I want students to know that education is used as […]

For Male Educators of Color, Retention Model is Key to Job Satisfaction

Recently, Julius Davis and I wrote an article about the experiences of African teachers who came to the U.S. to become teachers. We wanted to find out, in […]

The BOND White Paper

Recruiting, Developing, and Retaining Male Educators of Color by Bolstering Teacher Efficacy and Creating Culturally Engaging Networks. Daryl C. Howard, Ph.D. It is often hypothesized that […]

Our Voice…

Have you ever had a male teacher of color? Too often the answer is no. Male educators of color are less than 2% of the nationwide […]