BondCast Season 1 Episodes

Book Study of Caste (Part 1)

Join BOND educators, Kenny Smith, Thomas Ryan, Travis Payne, Desmond Williams, Desmond Mackall, Doug Rivera, Matthew Vaughn Smith, and Daman Harris as they kick off the BOND Summer Book Study with discussion of Caste by Isabelle Wilkerson. The men discuss their experiences with white supremacy and how those experiences compare to the historical references and creative metaphors used by the author.

A Conversation about Critical Race Theory

In this episode of the BONDCast, we delve into the controversy around Critical Race Theory. Our guests, Dr. Julius Davis, professor from Bowie State University, and Dr. Kmt Shockley, professor from the University of Houston, review the academic definition of CRT as well as the recent weaponization of the term for political benefits and the conservation of white supremacy.

The Burning House

This episode features author, speaker, educator, and administrator, Desmond Williams, about his latest book, The Burning House: Educating Black Boys in Modern America. Desmond explains why public schools have never really worked for Black Boys and what those of us who say we want to support all students can do to make things right.

Reframing Our Relationships with Students

This episode features educator, author, speaker, behavior specialist, and podcaster David Spellmon. He explains the purpose of a post he wrote on the blog entitled “Stop Doing or Saying these things to Students of Color Right Now.” David shares about how his upbringing influences his teaching, what veteran teachers often get wrong about supporting Black and Brown students, and how schools can leverage cultures—especially those influenced by Hip Hop—to become optimal places for student learning.

The Understanding Gap

This episode features educator, author, speaker, Title I specialist, and musician, Rodrigo Godinez. He explains the purpose of a post he wrote on the blog entitled “The Understanding Gap.” Rod shares about how his upbringing influences his teaching, what veteran teachers often get wrong about supporting Black and Brown students, and how teachers can reimagine their relationships with students in ways that build bridges rather than walls.

Elevating Hip Hop History and Culture

This episode features teacher, speaker, adjunct professor, and youth leader Kenneth Smith. He tells the story of how he moved from the Brooklyn DA’s office to a Maryland High School, and what led him to design a course about Hip-Hop history and culture. Kenneth shares life experiences that led him to teaching, the ways all students benefit from authentic connections to curricula, and how schools can leverage cultures—especially those influenced by Hip Hop—to become optimal places for student learning.

The Hero in All of Us

This episode features author, speaker, adjunct professor, and sportswriter Jerald Hoover as he shares his experiences growing up and creating the Hero Book Series. Jerald describes how his childhood in the Bronx led him to compose his acclaimed young adult series, and he explains the messages therein for all of us.

Principles of Leadership

On this episode, we’re speaking with school leader, Dr. Norman Coleman, about his philosophy regarding key principles of leadership. He explains why understanding and leveraging one’s leadership identity is so critical to moving groups of people in the right direction.

Equity Not Excuses

On this episode, we speak with educator, author, speaker, and school leader, Phillip Yarborough, as he explains the purpose of a post he wrote on the blog entitled “Equity, not Excuses.” Phil shares how some of early career experiences influence his leadership choices today. He also provides unfiltered advice for school leaders who are trying to figure out how equity work and school improvement work are one and the same. As usual, just pull up a chair, and we’ll drop you right into the middle of our conversation.

Giving Community Colleges a Second Look

On this episode, we talk to speaker and college counselor, Jose Medrano as he explains the meaning behind his recent post on the blog that described the benefits of a community college foundation prior to moving to a four-year institution. Jose talks about his high school and early college experiences that shaped his thinking about higher education and changed his career trajectory.

BondCast Season 2 Episodes

Put Children in the Driver’s Seat, and They Can Tell Our Story – Dr. Ayize Sabater

On this episode, we talk to school leader, researcher, entrepreneur, and radio host, Dr. Ayize Sabater and his views about the importance of Black History, Montessori education, and retention of black male teachers.

A Principal’s Mission in Designing Trauma-informed Care – Dr. Curtis Callands

On this episode, we catch up with Curtis Callands, a veteran school leader, researcher, and author. Dr. Callands shares his experiences with helping students and teachers navigate the obstacles generated from traumatic backgrounds, and what led him to write his book, “A Principal’s Mission in Designing Trauma-informed Care.”

Being My Brother’s Teacher – Dr. William White

In this episode, we speak with professor William White, a decorated scholar and leader, as he shares his insights on teacher preparation and the educational presence of Black and Brown men in Early Childhood settings.

Progress Report – Mr. Corey Carter

On this episode, we talk to artist and educator Mr. Corey Carter, about how his new album, “Progress Report,” both empowers and informs audiences of all kinds. He’s a former teacher of the year, talented musical performer, and he guides new and aspiring teachers as the assistant director the Sherman Scholars Program at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Surviving and Thriving after Trauma – Mr. Robert Murphy

During this episode, we talk to Mr. Robert Murphy as he shares ways to help ourselves and others survive and thrive after traumatic experiences. As an educator for 25+ years in a variety of roles and settings, and navigating trauma in his personal life, Rob has seen it all; and he’s helped hundreds if not thousands of others—if not thousands—of other people directly through his work or indirectly through his book: [N words] Ain’t Astronauts: Love and Trauma in an American Family.

Centering Student Identity in the Music Classroom and Beyond – Mr. Eric Williamson

During this episode, we speak with teacher, speaker, and conductor with the Grammy award winning Brooklyn Youth Chorus, Eric Williamson. Mr. Williamson describes his desire to make every child feel included in every classroom, not just in the music class. He also offers tips to help teachers center the identities of all students across every subject area.

How to Diversify the Teacher Pipeline and Supporting Needy Students Simultaneously – Mr. Marquis Taylor

In this episode, we speak with Marquis Taylor, co-founder and CEO of Coaching4Change, a program that partners with colleges and public school districts to provide academic support and mentor-ship for children in grades 4-12 while helping colleges to develop a diverse teacher pipeline.

Adding Value to Those Who Add Value – Dr. Brandon C.S. Wallace

In this episode, we talk to Dr. Brandon C.S. Wallace. Brandon describes what he learned as he grew from student, to teacher, to curriculum writer, and now college professor. He explains what schools and districts can learn from his journey as well as how his current work is adding value to the field.

Driving Purposeful Outcomes by Leveraging Human Relationships – Mr. David Hardy

In this episode, we talk to Mr. David Hardy, co-founder and CEO of Made by Change, an organization that helps companies leverage human relationships in ways that drive purposeful outcomes. David shares the practices that he used to turn around two school Midwestern districts, and how those principles can apply to any organization, large or small.

Leveraging Restorative Practices and Student-Led Practices – Mr. Walter Taylor

During this episode, we talk to Walter Taylor, the Director of Professional Development (PD) for the Chicago Teachers Union Foundation. Walter shares ways that schools can leverage student leadership to foster culturally responsive school environments that encourage high achievement and social emotional learning.

Cultivating the Next Generation of Community-Conscious Leaders – Mr. Michael Stevens

In this episode, we talk to Michael Stevens, Executive Director of City Year DC. City Year DC recruits and trains volunteers to support schools in Washington, D.C. The organization is driven to cultivate the next generations of community-conscious leaders across a variety of sectors of our society. You can find out more about City Year DC at and @CityYearWDC on Instagram.

Leading District Equity Work in the South – Mr. Ashford Hughes

In this episode, we talk to Mr. Ashford Hughes, the Executive Officer for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for Metro Nashville Public Schools. Ashford explains how he rose to executive leadership in a large urban district and how educators can hold their districts—and themselves—accountable for ensuring that every student has access to a world class education.

Cultivating a Staff Full of Black Male Teachers – Dr. Harold McCray

During the episode, we speak with Dr. Harold McCray, a principal in Washington, D. C. Dr. McCray explains the values that fueled his rise to school leadership, and he shares the practices he uses to fill his staff with Black male teachers and leaders.

Adapting to Change: School Response Strategy to Covid and a Collaborative Roadmap Forward – Dr. Emmanuel Vincent (Catch the Replay! // Originally Aired: Summer 2022)

Catch the Replay! // Originally Aired: Summer 2022

In this episode, we’re speaking with Dr. Emmanuel Vincent, a veteran international teacher, leader, and consultant. Dr. Vincent reflects on how many school systems responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, and he offers some advice about how they can adjust since we’ve entered the endemic stage of the health crisis.

Navigating Crises with a Steady Hand – Dr. Lorenzo Johnson & Dr. Leroy Wray

In this episode, we speak to Dr. Lorenzo Johnson and Dr. Leroy Wray about how they coach individuals and organizations to leverage personal relationships in ways that mitigate challenges posed by crises.

Black on Black Education – Mr. Jamaal Thomas

During this episode, we speak with Mr. Jamaal Thomas, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Black on Black Education, an organization that supports districts to adopt customized, student-centered approaches to curriculum and instruction.

Nurturing the Spark within Students in Higher Education – Mr. Napthali Bryant

During this episode, we speak with Mr. Napthali Bryant, the founder of Spark-Ed, an organization that offers a holistic approach to succeeding in higher education. Mr. Bryant explains what led him to develop the organization and how prospective students could choose the right college, find funding, and successfully graduate.

BondCast Season 3 Episodes

The Impact of Social Identity on Education Policy – Mr. David Lopez

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! To open season 3, we talk to Mr. David Lopez, Senior Technical Assistance Specialist for WestEd,  a research, development, and services agency, works with education and other communities to promote excellence, achieve equity, and improve learning for children, youth, and adults. Mr. Lopez is going to share his perspective about how social identity affects the world of education policy development and implementation. You can find out more information about Mr. Lopez and his work at and @dlopez196 on X.

Impacting Children Beyond Your Own Building – Mr. Ron Brown

In this episode, we’re talking with Mr. Ron Brown, Chief External Affairs Officer at the He is Me Institute. Mr. Brown will share how he balances his personal and professional lives and navigates systemic changes in ways that allow him to make huge impacts within school buildings beyond what used to be his own. You can find out more information about Mr. Brown on LinkedIn as “Ronald Brown,”, and @heismeinstitute on Instagram.

When Affinity Work for Black Male Teachers Becomes International Travel for Black Male Students (Mr. Rictor Craig)

In this episode, we talk to Mr. Rictor Craig, Co-Founder/Founding Director of Instruction for Statesmen College Preparatory Academy for Boys and the Founder of the National Association of Black Male Educators. Rictor explains how he channeled his passion for supporting boys from marginalized communities into pipeline organizations that have an international footprint.

Striking a Balance Between Pedagogy, Andragogy, and Activism (Mr. Devon Beck)

In this episode, we’re talking with Mr. Devon Beck, Facilitator of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Talbot County Board of Education, a school district in Maryland. Devon talks to us about how male educators of color have to strike a balance between pedagogy, andragogy, and activism. You can find out more information about Mr. Beck and his work via @devonbeck365 on Instagram and X.