Book Study of Caste (Part 1)

Join BOND educators, Kenny Smith, Thomas Ryan, Travis Payne, Desmond Williams, Desmond Mackall, Doug Rivera, Matthew Vaughn Smith, and Daman Harris as they kick off the BOND Summer Book Study with discussion of Caste by Isabelle Wilkerson. The men discuss their experiences with white supremacy and how those experiences compare to the historical references and creative metaphors used by the author.

A Conversation about Critical Race Theory

In this episode of the BONDCast, we delve into the controversy around Critical Race Theory. Our guests, Dr. Julius Davis, professor from Bowie State University, and Dr. Kmt Shockley, professor from the University of Houston, review the academic definition of CRT as well as the recent weaponization of the term for political benefits and the conservation of white supremacy.

The Burning House

This episode features author, speaker, educator, and administrator, Desmond Williams, about his latest book, The Burning House: Educating Black Boys in Modern America. Desmond explains why public schools have never really worked for Black Boys and what those of us who say we want to support all students can do to make things right.

Reframing Our Relationships with Students

This episode features educator, author, speaker, behavior specialist, and podcaster David Spellmon. He explains the purpose of a post he wrote on the blog entitled “Stop Doing or Saying these things to Students of Color Right Now.” David shares about how his upbringing influences his teaching, what veteran teachers often get wrong about supporting Black and Brown students, and how schools can leverage cultures—especially those influenced by Hip Hop—to become optimal places for student learning.