Welcome to the BOND Learning & Leadership Institute for Boys

Learning Institute for Young Black Boys


The Building Our Network of Diversity (BOND) Project is an initiative committed to advancing efforts to recruit, develop, support, and retain male educators of color. We also seek to build upon the brilliance of our boys.

The BOND Learning and Leadership Institute for Boys is an enrichment opportunity for male students (Grades 4-12) in Montgomery County Public Schools. This experience will develop and advance students’ leadership skills as well as their personal awareness as academic and social emotional learners.


Due to the scarcity of men of color in education, this is a unique opportunity for male centered teaching and learning for our male students. Our theory of action is that if male educators provide a space for learning and leading, then education will become more accessible, engaging, and ultimately elevated as a viable career option for our male students.

Learning Institute for Young Black Boys


Enrichment Activities

Social Emotional Learning & Leadership, Cultural Awareness, & College & Career Exploration.

Book Study of Stamped by Jason Reynolds and Ibram Kendi.

Additional enrichment opportunities include group check-ins, freshmen year support, senior class mentorship, and guest speakers.

3 groups of students: ES, MS, and HS

Rolling Admission


Intellectual and social space for male students, particularly African American and Latino.

All male educator staff

Public speaking and project based learning exercises.

Opportunities for student service (Mentor/Read to ES kids).

Partnering with BOND Project activities.

Pre and post survey to demonstrate objective attainment.

Earn BOND Leadership Certificate at end of 2021-2022 program

Virtual Sessions

Team Building

Conversation Cyphers

Independent Reflection

Leadership Institute 2021-2022


September 11, 2021 RSVP for September 11th

October 9, 2021 RSVP for October 9th

November 6, 2021 RSVP for November 6th

December 4, 2021 RSVP for December 4th

January 8, 2022 RSVP for January 8th

February 5, 2022 RSVP for February 5th

March 5, 2022 RSVP for March 5th

April 2, 2022 RSVP for April 2nd

May 7, 2022 RSVP for May 7th

June 4, 2022 RSVP for June 4th

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