2021 BOND Academy

The BOND Academy, our yearly conference, will take place May 14th – 16th. The Academy will feature powerful presentations and discussions on instructional strategies, career advancement, community building, cultural proficiency, and social emotional learning, primarily through the lens of male educators of color. Practitioners at every level of education (teachers, professors, counselors, para-educators, administrators, central office staff, student teachers) are welcome, as well as community leaders, board of education members, elected officials, and interested community members.

The Academy’s theme for 2021 is, “Making up for Lost Time: Advancing Pedagogy and Practice in a New Education World.”

This year’s keynote presentation will be delivered by Mr. Sharif El-Mekki, the CEO and founder of the Center for Black Educator Development.

The Academy will have panelists and presenters sharing in live 50 minute sessions, coupled with pre-recorded learning sessions as well.  These sessions will challenge the perspectives of their audiences, while simultaneously entertaining them and deepening their knowledge. To date, this virtual conference boasts over 50 interactive live and recorded speakers from across the country.

The sessions will connect to the following domains:

  • Instructional Strategies

  • Social Emotional Learning

  • Equity and Culturally Responsive Practice

  • Workforce Diversity

  • Racial and Social Justice

  • Policy that supports Practice

  • Community Partnerships

While some presentations will be live and others recorded, presenters will be asked to join sessions to engage with participants in real time (e.g., chat, Q & A).

The cost of the conference will be the following:

Now – March 30: $25

April 1 – May 1: $40

May 1 – May 13: $50

Please contact info@bondeducators.org with any questions.